Introducing the New Era of Document Review Powered by Generative A.I.

Fast. Accurate. Defensible.

Developed by industry veterans, eDiscovery AI leads in a revolutionary approach to document review, leveraging generative AI for unmatched efficiency. With a seamless integration with Relativity and other key platforms, you can empower your modern legal teams with up to 96% precision and 98% recall rates for an optimized workflow and a peace of mind.

What We Offer

Relevancy Document Review

Embrace an unprecedented transition from manual document review to an AI-powered Predictive Coding model. Harnessing the capabilities of next-generation artificial intelligence, our system consistently surpasses previously unachievable performance metrics.


Experience the advanced proficiency of eDiscovery AI as it adeptly identifies Personal Identifiable Information (PII) & Protected Health Information (PHI) within your document repository. Further, it provides an exact elucidation of the classified protected information contained within each document.

Key Documents Issue Coding

eDiscovery AI has transcended traditional limits, now enabling document review for issue codes with effectiveness metrics that consistently outperform previous benchmarks set for 'Relevant/Not Relevant' determinations. Our sophisticated AI solution reshapes the document review landscape, delivering efficiency and accuracy previously thought unattainable.

Privilege Review

eDiscovery AI is capable of astutely classifying documents for privilege, while simultaneously crafting a comprehensive privilege log for your convenience. This powerful tool alleviates one of the most laborious aspects of document review, thereby revolutionizing your workflow and liberating valuable time and resources.

Key Documents

With cutting-edge capabilities, we can now discern the nuanced differentiation between generally relevant documents and the pivotal 'smoking gun' documents, which are crucial to your case. This remarkable feature operates efficiently even in the absence of any pre-existing training examples. Welcome to an era of sharper insights and enhanced case strategy, delivered without traditional learning prerequisites.

Document Summaries

Experience the sophistication of eDiscovery AI, capable of presenting concise, contextual summaries of each document while providing transparency on its classification logic - marking relevance or non-relevance with exceptional clarity. Moreover, it offers the capability to coherently encapsulate all documents related to a specific issue, streamlining your decision-making process.

AI has already made an impressive foray into the legal domain, revolutionizing the document review process like never before. 

Get your hands on a complimentary copy of the latest book authored by Jim Sullivan, the founder of eDiscovery AI, focusing on the cutting-edge realm of AI Document Review.

How it works

Steps for eDiscovery AI
Document Review

Identify Document Set

Choose the documents you want reviewed and classified. In order for documents to be reviewed they must contain extracted text.

Define relevance, issue, and privilege criteria

Define relevance, issue, and privilege criteria, along with category specifications, to instruct the AI on document classification and the type of summaries or explanations needed.

Run eDiscovery AI across your documents

Submit your documents to eDiscovery AI using the convenient Relativity Plugin for classification.

Analyze and Validate Results

Review results to validate document classifications and generate industry standard performance metrics.


Important Features for eDiscovery AI

While the eDiscovery AI features are incredibly powerful and far exceed the performance of anything currently on the market, they are still defensible. These features are customizable and come with expert guidance, all while using your current review platform.

New Tools, Same Tried and True Process

Leverage this groundbreaking technology while still maintaining well-established, industry-standard, judicially approved processes.

Highly Customizable

Create unique issues and relevance criteria for each project while maintaining a repeatable and defensible process.

Use Your Current Review Platform

We can accomplish all of this from whatever review tool you're already using. Consider our tool an extension of your platform of choice.

Expert Guidance

Our team of experts, boasting decades of combined experience from thousands of predictive coding cases, stands ready to assist.

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Important Features
for eDiscovery AI

eDiscovery AI

Traditional Predictive Coding

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