Integration Made Easy

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Workflow

With our custom plug-in for Relativity you can utilize all of this powerful functionality within the platform that you’re already using. A few simple inputs within Relativity send all of the necessary information to eDiscovery AI and as it’s working it will begin automatically populating any classifications or explanations into your existing workspace.

Revolutionizing Document Review

In today’s rapidly evolving legal landscape, where flexibility, innovation, and efficiency are not just valued but required, eDiscovery AI is thrilled to announce our strategic integration with Relativity Server and Relativity Cloud. This integration marks a pivotal moment in our journey to redefine legal document review, offering our clients unprecedented access to a suite of functionalities that ensures unparalleled workflow customization and efficiency.


Unmatched Flexibility and Customization

Our collaboration with Relativity brings together the best of both worlds – the robust infrastructure of Relativity Server’s on-premises solutions and the dynamic, scalable capabilities of Relativity Cloud. Whether your operations demand the security and control of on-premise deployments or the agility and flexibility of cloud-based solutions, this integration provides a seamless bridge to a future where your document review processes are faster, smarter, and more reliable than ever.


A Leap Forward with AI-Driven Innovation

Our innovative AI-driven methodology underpins eDiscovery AI’s mission to revolutionize legal technology. Iterative classification, prioritizing, and a unique algorithm that reacts to relevancy scores in real time set new standards for document review efficiency and precision.

This strategic cooperation combines two pioneering technologies to usher in a new era of document evaluation for legal practitioners. Our clients may navigate document review with simplicity and confidence using eDiscovery AI’s unique solutions and Relativity’s powerful platform.


Beyond Integration: A Vision for the Future

Our dedication to transforming the legal tech landscape extends far beyond this integration. As we continue to lead and inspire change, our mission remains steadfast: to empower legal professionals with cutting-edge technology that simplifies the intricacies of document review.

By choosing to integrate eDiscovery AI’s groundbreaking technology with Relativity’s comprehensive capabilities, you’re not just keeping pace with change—you’re driving it. Together, we’re creating a powerhouse of efficiency that will redefine what’s possible in document review.

Join us in this exciting journey and discover how our integration with Relativity can elevate your document review process to new heights. eDiscovery AI and Relativity – together, we’re setting new standards and leading the transformation in the legal tech space.

Revolutionizing Document Review with Advanced AI

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