Who We Are

At eDiscovery AI, our journey began from a deep understanding of the challenges faced by legal professionals in document review processes—excessive time, cost, and the manual effort required. Inspired by our mission to equip the legal industry with AI-powered tools that drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness, our founders, seasoned with rich legal industry experience, envisioned a smarter way.

Working in close collaboration with a diverse team of AI experts and legal industry veterans, we were driven by a commitment to responsible innovation. This approach wasn’t just about creating technology but doing so ethically, responsibly, and sustainably, ensuring that every solution was both pioneering and trustworthy.

Today, our platform exemplifies our vision to shape a future where every legal team is empowered by accessible, dependable, and revolutionary AI. Through relentless innovation and client-centered excellence, we provide eDiscovery solutions that are not only at the forefront of legal technology but also meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We believe in empowering traditionally underserved legal professionals, unlocking new possibilities for them in a rapidly evolving landscape.

As we continue to lead the field, our commitment to legal excellence, client-centered innovation, and unwavering authenticity remains steadfast. 


Breaking Barriers in Legal Technology with Advanced AI

The Future of eDiscovery

Meet the Team

Our team brings experience, innovation, and creativity to the legal space to ensure your plans are in good hands.

Jim Sullivan


Jim is the founder of eDiscovery AI. With over a decade of experience consulting on predictive coding and analytics use, he has a passion for analytics and calculates recall and precision metrics in his sleep. His life is a non-stop adventure of trying to find better ways to solve problems.
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Jason Holmers


Jason is the co-founder of eDiscovery AI. With over a decades of sales experience across multiple industries, Jason excels at planning and deploying novel solutions to disrupt established markets.
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Tom Palladino


Entrepreneur, executive, and consultant Tom uses 25 years of technology, business services, and BPO executive expertise. He specializes in strategy, analysis, company growth, and channel expansion. He is passionate growth, innovation, and customer, partner, and stakeholder value.

Naima Rahmaoui


Naima leads our Marketing division with a seasoned grasp on eDiscovery Sales & Marketing. With a passion for crafting a strong brand presence, Naima is focused on guiding lawyers to embrace revolutionary artificial intelligence to find the smoking gun sans clutter.

Revolutionizing Document Review with Advanced AI

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