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AI Document Review with eDiscoveryAI – How it Works


AI Document Review with eDiscoveryAI – How it Works

About eDiscoveryAI Key

eDiscovery AI revolutionizes the eDiscovery process for the legal and corporate sectors by transitioning from traditional methods to a more advanced, AI-driven approach. Our platform effortlessly handles large volumes of documents, providing more consistent results with recall and precision scores of up to 98%, surpassing traditional predictive coding. Key features such as customized document summaries, highly accurate privilege reviews, PII reviwe and priv logging enhance efficiency and ensure compilance. Our AI tool was designed to seamlessly integrate into Relativity and other existing tools, embodying the ideal balance between innovation and ease of use. eDiscovery AI is committed to delivering a cutting edge AI-driven solution to eDiscovery that meet and surpass the critical demands for precision and speed in today’s fast-paced legal environment, significantly reducing review times and costs.

Revolutionizing Document Review with Advanced AI

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