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Streamline eDiscovery with eDiscovery AI: Introducing a Powerful Predictive Coding Tool

Buddy Fisher

Streamline eDiscovery with eDiscovery AI: Introducing a Powerful Predictive Coding Tool


In today’s digital age, the volume of electronic data continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, making the process of electronic discovery (eDiscovery) increasingly complex and time-consuming. To address these challenges, legal professionals for years have been turning to technologies, such as predictive coding, to streamline the eDiscovery process. In this blog post, we are thrilled to introduce the next step in the evolution of document review tools.  eDiscovery AI, a predictive coding tool powered by LLM AI (Language Model Artificial Intelligence) promises to revolutionize the way legal teams handle large-scale document review.

Understanding Predictive Coding:

Predictive coding, also known as technology-assisted review (TAR), leverages the power of artificial intelligence to expedite the document review process in eDiscovery. Traditionally, legal professionals manually sift through vast amounts of data, but with predictive coding, they can train machine learning algorithms to identify and prioritize relevant documents automatically. This not only saves time and effort but also improves accuracy by minimizing the chances of human error.  Until now, these processes were limited by the ability of subject matter expert attorneys to manually review thousands of documents to adequately train the predictive coding tools and are still subject to human error.

Introducing LLM AI:

eDiscovery AI is a cutting-edge tool using language models that excels in natural language understanding, comprehension, and generating human-like text. By harnessing the power of LLM AI, eDiscovery AI offers a significant advantage over conventional approaches to document review.

Key Features and Benefits:

No More Complex Training Process: eDiscovery AI employs sophisticated algorithms to analyze and categorize documents based on their relevance to the case.  These algorithms have already been extensively trained from incredible volumes of widely diverse data and understand complicated legal concepts.  Because of this enormous volume of training that’s already been done, eDiscovery AI simply needs quality instructions on what you’re looking for and it can do the rest.

Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings: With eDiscovery AI’s ability to quickly process and understand vast amounts of textual data, the tool expedites the overall review process. This results in increased efficiency, shorter project timelines, and substantial cost savings for legal teams and their clients.

High Accuracy and Consistency: By utilizing eDiscovery AI’s advanced capabilities, the tool ensures a consistent and reliable approach to document review. The industry standard measurements of effectiveness for a predictive coding project are precision and recall.

Scalability and Flexibility: The eDiscovery tool can effortlessly scale to handle large volumes of documents, accommodating cases of any size or complexity. It can adapt to diverse legal requirements and workflows, offering flexibility and customization options to meet specific project needs.

Seamless Connection with Relativity: With our custom plug-in for Relativity you can utilize all of this powerful functionality within the platform that you’re already using.  A few simple inputs within Relativity send all of the necessary information to eDiscovery AI and as it’s working it will begin automatically populating any classifications or explanations into your existing workspace.


The introduction of eDiscovery AI powered by large language model AI marks a significant milestone in revolutionizing the way legal professionals approach document review. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of eDiscovery AI, legal teams can streamline the eDiscovery process, achieve higher accuracy, and make substantial time and cost savings.

As technology continues to evolve, embracing innovative solutions like eDiscovery AI predictive becomes imperative for legal professionals seeking to enhance their efficiency, maintain consistency, and deliver outstanding results to their clients. With the power of eDiscovery AI at their disposal, legal teams can navigate the complexities of document review with confidence, ensuring a more streamlined and effective approach to eDiscovery.

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