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The Vital Role of Legal Professionals and Subject Matter Experts when Using eDiscovery AI

Buddy Fisher

The Vital Role of Legal Professionals and Subject Matter Experts when Using eDiscovery AI


As the integration of eDiscovery AI continues to transform the field of predictive coding in eDiscovery, it is essential to recognize the indispensable role of legal professionals and subject matter experts in this evolving landscape. In this blog post, we will explore the crucial contributions of legal professionals and subject matter experts in the predictive coding process, highlighting their expertise and insights that complement the power of eDiscovery AI. By understanding their role, we can harness the full potential of this innovative technology in the legal domain.

Domain Expertise and Case-Specific Knowledge:

Legal professionals and subject matter experts bring valuable domain expertise and case-specific knowledge to the predictive coding process. Their deep understanding of legal concepts, industry-specific terminology, and nuanced interpretations play a pivotal role in shaping the effectiveness of eDiscovery AI. Some key areas where their expertise shines include:

a. Defining the Relevance Criteria: Legal professionals define the relevance criteria for the specific case at hand based on their unique subject matter expertise. Their expertise ensures that the criteria accurately reflect the legal requirements and capture the nuances of the case.

b. Tailoring Instructions: By leveraging their legal expertise, professionals provide tailored instructions to guide eDiscovery AI. They use their understanding of the case’s context, facts, relevant legal standards, and industry-specific jargon to create instructions that elicit accurate classifications from the model.

c. Interpreting Model Outputs: Legal professionals play a crucial role in interpreting the outputs generated by eDiscovery AI. They bring their expertise to validate and contextualize the model’s classifications, ensuring they align with the facts, legal requirements, and case-specific nuances.

Quality Control and Oversight:

Legal professionals act as gatekeepers, ensuring the accuracy, fairness, and compliance of the entire AI review process. Their involvement contributes to quality control and provides oversight at various stages, including:

a. Iterative Refinement of Instructions: Through their expertise, professionals iteratively refine instructions to enhance the model’s performance. They analyze the model’s outputs, review false positives and false negatives, and fine-tune instructions to achieve optimal results.

b. Validation and Sampling: Legal professionals participate in the validation process, reviewing samples of documents to assess the accuracy and relevance of the model’s classifications. Their insights help validate the model’s outputs and make informed decisions as to whether the performance and validation efforts meet the legal standards. 

Legal and Ethical Compliance:

Legal professionals are responsible for ensuring that the eDiscovery AI process complies with legal and ethical obligations. Their involvement safeguards the integrity of the process by:

a. Upholding Confidentiality: Legal professionals play a crucial role in preserving client confidentiality and protecting sensitive information throughout the process. They ensure compliance with data protection laws and establish robust security measures.

b. Adhering to Legal Standards: Professionals utilize their legal expertise to ensure that the eDiscovery AI process aligns with legal standards, regulations, and professional codes of conduct. They validate the model’s outputs against legal requirements, ensuring accuracy and compliance.


Legal professionals and subject matter experts play a vital role in the process of using eDiscovery AI. Their domain expertise, case-specific knowledge, quality control, and adherence to legal and ethical standards are indispensable for achieving accurate and reliable results. By embracing the synergy between human expertise and AI capabilities, we can optimize the potential of eDiscovery AI, ensuring fairness, compliance, and enhanced legal outcomes.

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